Earnhart & Associates, Inc. is a healthcare consulting firm that works in many areas of the healthcare industry. We specialize in surgery management, management of hospital operating room to function like for-profit, highly efficient surgery centers so developing a new center is not necessary, the development, licensure and management of real time ambulatory surgery centers (“ASC”), urgent care centers, oncology radiation facilities, cardiac cath centers, infusion centers, freestanding emergency rooms, and other healthcare related services. We also provide State Licensure for most health care facilities types that require licensure including re-licensure, mock surveys for state and Medicare certification, and assistance with paperwork. Please inquire if we can assist you with yours!

Our years of expertise in the healthcare industry allows clients to successfully achieve their objectives. We provide prompt input and direction with recommendations based upon years of experience, current trends in the industry and your specific situation.

We can be reached at (512) 297-7575.

About Stephen Earnhart

Mr. Earnhart has spent the past 25 years establishing multiple healthcare facilities in the US and abroad in the UK and in Australia. His firm has opened facilities in 49 States in the US (still looking for the elusive Hawaii project!). He prides himself on his ability to “make it happen” with diverse groups of physicians, hospitals, payors, and a mix of all. In an increasingly difficult environment of challenges, Mr. Earnhart takes an active role in every project, “My company is my name and I respect the legacy behind it.” Every client is personally interviewed by Mr. Earnhart to ensure that, indeed, the company “can make it happen” before they accept a project.

Mr. Earnhart has authored over 320 articles in various professional publications covering a wide range of topics relating to all aspects of the management and business operations of outpatient surgery centers, ambulatory care centers, freestanding emergency rooms, and urgent care centers to name only a few. In addition to providing the keynote address to the International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery in Adelaide, Australia, Mr. Earnhart has delivered in excess of 40 presentations, both nationally and internationally, at various professional conferences, conventions and seminars. Mr. Earnhart is also a C.M.S. (Medicare) Surveyor for healthcare facilities across the United States.

Mr. Earnhart is a decorated, US veteran, proud of his accomplishments in the establishment of field hospitals, flying helicopter medical evacuation rescue missions, and provided emergency field medicine during combat. After his honorable discharge from the Armed Forces and subsequent formal education and training, Mr. Earnhart continued his interest in healthcare and established Earnhart & Associates. After carefully assembling his team and by using a common sense approach to challenges, as of 2023, his firm has a history of over 650 clients that routinely seek his advice on a number of issues related to a business approach to solving healthcare problems, opportunities, and obtaining positive results for all.

Earnhart & Associates approach all projects from both a clinical and a business perspective. Their staff of professionals have worked on the front lines of the healthcare industry and bring both theoretical and practical knowledge to every encounter. With a focus on all aspects of healthcare, our professionals can effectively communicate with clinicians and management alike. We achieve results through accuracy and precision that is tempered by years of diverse experience. This allows our clients to successfully achieve their objectives.

Why Earnhart & Associates, Inc.?